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Property Insurance
Property Insurance

Property Insurance

An investment you work to protect…

We have an extensive knowledge of the requirements of all types of property owners and experienced advisers who can assist.

We have our own exclusive property owners facility which has been operating since 2008 as well as access to over thirty property markets to ensure full protection for your properties.

Our approach is a flexible one and with prior notice policies can be fully transferable between tenant types.

We work with clients advising them in all aspects of property insurance including administration of tenants invoicing, sub-contractor checks, health and safety and risk management measures. In addition to dealing with clients directly we also deal with referrals from letting agents, solicitors, estate agents, financial advisers and property managing agents.

What type of business do we place on a regular basis ?

  • Single residential properties or multi location residential portfolios
  • Single commercial properties or multi location commercial property portfolios and industrial estates
  • Property undergoing building work or refurbishment
  • Listed properties
  • “Difficult to place” property including thatched, unoccupied, flood risks, subsided or underpinned
  • Policyholders with criminal convictions, CCJ’s and bankruptcy
  • Professional and student lets
  • HMO’s single or multi location

Property Insurance Case Studies

Property Developer London

Delta Corporate, were appointed to administer insurances for a property developer, whose business model was invested in a niche area of property rental. Although enquiries with the client's previous brokers had not afforded a suitable outcome for the insured, we arranged cover for the unoccupied properties undergoing works which saved 40% on premiums rated against an existing insurance policy for a property which was commercially let.

We now work for other Developers in arranging similar covers on what was previously viewed by the policyholder and connected financial adviser as a difficult risk to place.

Property Developer London

Industrial Property Investor Midlands & North West

Our client owns five industrial estates located in the Midlands and North West which have been in their family for several generations. We obtained the client's business from a large provincial broker offering a substantial saving in premium after the client had been recommended to ourselves by a tenant. With a property schedule in excess of £25m at risk we also included our claims management and consultancy service within the Delta proposition.

Unfortunately at one of the sites there were several claim situations including a large fire loss resulting in claim payments exceeding £500k. Thankfully all payments were successfully negotiated in conjunction with the assistance of our claims management service.

In subsequent years we have also managed to mitigate the client's level of premium increases following the losses sustained and continue to service their requirements.

Industrial Property Investor

Residential Property Investor Great Yarmouth

This client was referred to us by one of our financial advisors who was having great difficulty in placing their property portfolio in view of the 'flood area' postcode of their risk and the fact that one of the buildings was undergoing extensive refurbishment.

We successfully sourced an Insurer who following survey, agreed to cover all properties with only a small increase in the client's excess at a premium less than he was paying two years previously before his existing insurer withdrew cover.

Residential Property Investor