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Delta Corporate have sponsored 360 Racing since 2008. 360 Racing is based at Silverstone, "the home of British Motorsport".

The business estate at the circuit comprises purpose built units for race teams, providing facilities that are unsurpassed in the UK. A close-knit community exists on the circuit's business estate, with every conceivable motorsport service available.

Of course, the obvious benefit of being based at Silverstone is the close proximity to one of the word's best circuits. With the asphalt just yards away, the team are well placed to take advantage of the busy testing and track day schedule available.

Delta Corporate insure all of the teams assets at Silverstone including tools, equipment, race cars transport and trailers, staff and of course the teams racing activities worldwide. We are delighted to offer complimentarily track day events as part of our sponsorship arrangement. We also act as broker for several of the other sponsors of the 360 race team. The team sponsors for 2015 are listed below.

Team Sponsors

Watch the action…

We appointed Delta Corporate over our previous broker on the basis of significant cost reductions and attention to detail on our global cover requirements…

– Specialist manufacturing, Midlands, £19m turnover

We have a large established commercial property business and we have trusted our assets with Delta since 2001. When the worst happened and a fire occurred at one of our units occupied by a plastics tenant, Delta's claims support recommendation was invaluable to reach a satisfactory financial settlement…

– Industrial property developer, Midlands and North West, £25m property value

Since dealing with Delta, we have found the insurance process very smooth. As well as premium savings there have been improvements in cover, which we have found to be of benefit.

– Flooring distribution, North West, £30m turnover

We have a close working relationship with Delta. The in depth knowledge of Delta's staff, reassures us that they fully understand our business, which is essential given the complex nature of our operations. This allows us to focus on our business safe in the knowledge that the right cover is in place.

– Specialist construction, London, £18m turnover

We were recommended to Delta Corporate via our financial adviser after a poor experience with claims handling procedures by our previous broker. We initially saved some 20% in costs despite increasing values under our policy and Delta’s subsequent claims handling has been a breath of fresh air…

– Tool hire business, Sheffield, £4m turnover

We operate in a high risk construction environment and have had an unfortunate spate of liability claims. Notwithstanding this Delta Corporate have maintained our premiums at a very competitive level and have provided ongoing and valuable Health and Safety advice to minimise any risk.

– Concrete structure specialist, Midlands, £3m turnover

During the last 15 years we have built a personal and reliable relationship with Delta Corporate Risk and trust them implicitly with the advice they provide. Their staff are responsive to a variety of issues and are always happy to assist.

– General construction and home building, Midlands, £8m turnover

Delta Corporate have been our broker for eight years after identifying discrepancies in our previous arrangements. At our 10th anniversary we presented them with our Company Partnership Award…

– Oil importer, Midlands, £25m turnover

Our financial advisors recommended Delta Corporate Risk to conduct an audit on our general insurances. At the time we were insured with a leading national broker, who had gained our trust over a number of years. Whilst cover had been arranged correctly, the Account Executive advised the premiums appeared excessive. Delta were immediately appointed having obtained a saving of over 40%…

– Munitions company, North East, £2m turnover

We were approached by a respected broker, who offered to review our insurance portfolio. The broker tabled a significantly lower premium on our Liability Insurance, which initially made me question Delta's Account Manager. However, upon investigation, it was discovered the competing broker had failed to include a cover extension, included within the terms offered by Delta; and hadn't noticed we had made a claim in the previous year under the same extension. The other broker's proposal was dismissed and we renewed with Delta…

– Mechanical and electrical contractor, Midlands, £10m turnover

We were unfortunate to have a large fire loss but Delta were exceptional in providing on site immediate advice and support. Their negotiations with insurers and suppliers enabled us to continue operations and return to full capacity within a very short time period.

– Plastics group, Midlands and South, £12m turnover

We have been a long standing client of Delta Corporate and operate a business that Insurers consider “high hazard”. Over the years we have invited other brokers to come in and review our insurances all of whom promise everything but are unable to compete – added to which none of the other brokers have offered the same degree of detail in their reviews…

– Pallet manufacturer, Midlands, £5m turnover

List of Services

Manufacturing Insurance

Manufacturers are as varied as the products they supply. As such the requirement to employ a competent broker to identify specific risk factors particular to different industries is imperative. Our staff have both insurance underwriting and commercial surveying experience as well as many years placing insurance cover for a variety of trades and industries.

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Commercial Motor Insurance

We all need it. Delta Corporate Risk place business in the UK fleet market on a daily basis. We are here to negotiate the most competitive price based on your requirements and at the same time identify and match the most suitable Insurer based on the knowledge we hold on each of our clients. We can add value to your business motor insurance by our relationships with underwriters and our in depth review of your covers.

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Professional Risks Insurance

A profession is a vocation founded upon specialised educational training, the purpose of which is to supply objective counsel and service to others, for a direct and definite compensation, wholly apart from expectation of other business gain… We all rely on professionals at many points of our lives and rely on them to be experts and to know what to do when we need them to.

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Wholesale & Distribution Insurance

Warehousing - what could possibly go wrong? The contents of warehouse and distribution centres are valuable assets and our professional account executives will assist in arrangement of cover in conjunction with risk mitigation and risk assessment procedures.

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Private Client Insurance

Enough of the impersonal and automated. Using a panel of high net worth insurers with a proven track record in the mid to high net worth market we are able to offer cover worldwide for one home or multiple homes offering you suitable protection for complete peace of mind. We also offer cover on a wide range of personal vehicles from collections to classics, to modern performance and luxury high value vehicles.

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Construction Insurance

Be confident that your construction project is protected. We understand the risks that construction firms face on a daily basis – site accidents, weather damage to expensive equipment and site thefts.

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Property Insurance

An investment you work to protect. We have an extensive knowledge of the requirements of all types of property owners and experienced advisers who can assist. We have our own exclusive property owners facility which has been operating since 2008 as well as access to over thirty property owners markets to ensure full protection for your properties. Our approach is a flexible one and with prior notice policies can be fully transferable between tenant types.

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Legal Sector Insurance

Bespoke cover for the legal sector. We have several policies for solicitors and the legal sector either exclusive schemes or agreed facilities. These include a comprehensive scheme for unoccupied property in probate, a bespoke office insurance package and a high net worth product for legal professionals.

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Credit Insurance

If your customer goes into liquidation, 76% of the time you will recover none of the monies.

In a year the average company will lose more than three of its active customers because of financial stress, insolvency, administration or receivership.

A £1.5m turnover business earning a 5% net profit margin would have to increase turnover by 30% to recoup a bad debt as little as £22,500.

We understand these risks and have partnered with Allianz Trade to offer solutions and protection.

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